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Company Profile

Since 1991, Wai Tat Electronics Ltd. has been an outstanding leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing of discrete and integrated analog semiconductors, passive, interconnect and electro-mechanical components in Great China region.

.Horizontally Coverage: 

Communications, telecommunications, consumer, automotive, industrial, medical, aerospace and military electronics markets.

.Vertically Coverage 

From Millimeter waves, RF, All-Optical transmission, down to audio signals processing and 

Power management. 

Other Than a Distribution Company

With our unique combination of people, strategies and mission, we are recognized as a professional in electronics distribution. More importantly, our suppliers and customers recognize Wai Tat Electronics as the most innovative, value-added distribution company in the industry. 

Other Than Electronic Components

People are our most valuable asset. 

Wai Tat team are recruited from diverse backgrounds. 

Our strength is their knowledge, enthusiasm and experience. 

With our design-in focus, Wai Tat Electronics is uniquely positioned as the integrated industrial distributor of electronic components supporting customers of all scales. 

We have a nationwide sales force operating in different cities, including H.K, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan.

Our Mission Statement

We are continuously providing an exemplary standard of quality service through superior product marketing, outstanding technical solution support, in-depth inventory, small order services, professional selling procedures and the most reliable operational systems 

in distribution. 

Product Lines
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